The first Open Source Industry and Community Report

Published • 01 May 2008

This will most likely be old news for most: Waugh Partners released the first Australian Open Source Industry & Community Report following the census they conducted over the last year.

The report is licensed under a Creative Commons license and thus can be redistributed freely. A print copy is on its again — see the census page above for more information.

The report index: 5. Sponsors & Supporters; 9. Industry; 11. Community; 12. Map of Respondents; 15 Education & Skills; 17. Careers & Employment; 19.Innovation; 19. The Market; 21. Business Development; 23. Opinion.

Index of the report.

I worked with Waugh Partners on the report producing their bar and pie graphs over the last few months. The work was done entirely using open source tools—namely Inkscape and Scribus. Working with Waugh Partners was a sincere pleasure: I was actively encouraged to use open source tools and of course got to have a sneak peak at the report. Thanks Jeff and Pia.

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