GUADEC 2008, Istanbul

Published • 13 Jul 2008

This marks the first journal entry from Istanbul! I’ve been here in Turkey for the past week attending GUADEC, which for the whole part has been a blast. It’s as community-focused as LCA — the largest free software conference in the southern hemisphere — and thus a whole heap of fun.

GUADEC is the premier GNOME conference, held in a different European city every year, where developers and users alike chat about GNOME and generally party a lot. GNOME is a free desktop environment built on the GTK+ toolkit.


  • Meeting Hylke Bons (hbons), Andreas Nilson (andreasn) and Kalle Persson (kallepersson) for the first time face-to-face — we’ve known each other for a good year through the Tango Desktop Project — it’s great putting a face to an IRC nick;
  • Catching up and having dinner with a different group of like-minded, awesome and friendly people every night at various restaurants on the Bosphorus;
  • The three-hour boat party sponsored by Collabora on Thursday evening;
  • Federico Mena-Quintero’s talk on document-centric GNOME where he proposed a journal-based history application — although I disagree with the implementation it caused quite a buzz and got the ideas flowing;
  • Catching up with Lennart Poettering and watching him haggling and forcing taxi drivers to bid each other down;
  • Post-GUADEC dinner under Lefty’s guidance at a Japanese restaurant followed by a water-pipe smoking session whilst sipping apple tea in a back-alley café in Taxim.

I fly out on Monday before heading to London for LugRadio Live with a day in between back in Frankfurt to rest and recover. Between doors until the 24th — ought to be good fun!

On a final note, the Tango Desktop Project icons have been re-licensed into the public domain. I’ll do a proper writeup in the coming days on the implications and what this means for developers and artists.

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